The Rebirth

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i am happy to announce the brand mass confusion is coming out of hiatus. i started this brand 23 years ago a year before my son's birth. i am nowhere close to where i thought i would be by now, but i would not trade all that i have learned the hard way for the world.  well maybe for the world.  in some ways many things have changed.  in some ways many have not.  all throughout this journey my goals and visions have continued to evolve.  how do i incorporate all of my passions into one product?  am i a t-shirt company and graphic designer? am i a photographer? am i a composer of words and music? am i a hoarder of all my creations? while contemplating exactly what i want this to be i have not shared much more than some photography but now i am ready to share more.  we will just call mass confusion a production company, i hate boxes.


engage. uplift. educate. learn. progress. evolve. build. destroy. unfiltered. undiluted. inspired from a hip hop based perspective we will keep you on point with the latest tech.  we will give our perspective on some pop culture including movies, series and music. most importantly perspectives will be shared on the most current social issues. for some we will be confusing, from some we will be clarification. spark thoughts and conversation. our original slogan was "blunt designs for ignited minds" 

mass confusion is rebellious unity. the flashlight in the dark. the opposite of what you thought you knew. that last drink. that unexpected slap to the face. the harsh truth. the thin line between love and hate. that first breathe. water ice steam. invisible but present. oxymoronic. the first kiss. the last goodbye. crying when you're happy. smiling when you are mad. creator of beautiful things.

for now we will start it off small with a couple of t-shirts and photos. a photo book. i will be setting up a pre-order opportunity with a discount for those that want to support the relaunch of this edition of mass confusion. The first book that will be released is called "everyday life". it documents different things you can encounter in a day depending on how small or how large your box is. do you only stay on one part of town? do all your friends look like you? how stereotypical are you?

this image featured here is a cipher outside a hip-hop event in inglewood<leimert park< los angeles. Hosted by a dude named verbs. this is one of my favorite jump-offs here. very organic. very hungry. very talented folks come here and perform once a month and while people are waiting for their turn to rock the mic a cipher breaks out outside. sometimes it's just to a beatbox, sometimes somebody plugs in some music for emcees to flow to. sometimes it's a battle sometimes the flows just make you smile. real free style, off the top of the dome. not the written fake free style bullshit they do now.

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