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This absolute masterpiece was released on the one year anniversary of the charlotteville alt right fiasco. I was happy to see such diversity in the crowd, meaning people that really NEED to see it were being openminded and curios enough to do so. The movie carried a well balanced fusion of harsh truths and humor to make easier to digest such history of our country without being lost in the darkness of it. Spike did an amazing job of educating the movie goers on some of the history that has let up to the resurgence of the neo nazi movement. I feel art is the perfect medium to discuss touchy subjects that plague this country like race, politics and religion. This movie is a must see for anyone trying to better understand the racial tensions that still exist and are finding new ways to evolve through our technological advances. To me the only way to solve a problem is to first acknowledge it exist. It is baffling how we are still trying to explain that, although some things have changed, many things have not and we are in 2018. Vogue Magazine just recently had their first cover photographed by an AFRICAN AMERICAN (only because Beyoncé insisted). First time in its 126 year history. How much have we progressed if you are still having first time experiences in a country that has existed for 242 years already. Ron Stallworth who the movie is about is a creative genius, i could not even imagine pulling off what he did during that time period in american history. So if you are about progress and change, if you want to educate yourself more from our perspective i highly suggest you support this film immediately.

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