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You know when you have a bunch of ideas floating around in your head with no idea how to make it reality atm, well this show embodies some things i wanted to do in my directing career that i haven't launched yet.  Terance Nance managed to take my ideas without knowing me, asking me or anything and did a way better job than i could have ever imagined. Dude is a creative beast. I have to give props to HBO, i am not sure who is making the decisions over there, but to see the freedom they gave Terance to create is encouraging to say the least. This show is not for anyone with any phobias. It explores areas of blackness that are taboo and might make some less personally evolved people pretty uncomfortable. some scenes challenged my comfort zone but i am doing my best to expand that, and what better way to do that then to practice. you wanna talk about breaking stereotypes, challenging male toxicity, empowering women, challenging the system while all being fresh, weird, random and fly AF.

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