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    Routine Traffic Stop?

    Routine Traffic Stop?


    so for the 1st time in my 11 years on the west coast I was pulled over by police.....it was a d.u.i. check point.... as i approached i was trying decide how i was gonna handle this. am i going to go sovereign citizen on him and just denounce his authority to ask me anything? was i gonna go plead the 5th and not answer any questions and tell him he could talk to my lawyer if he wanted to ask me anything? was i gonna make a u-turn and make a run for it? how long is this gonna take? is he gonna wanna search my car? is he in a bad mood? is he racist? has he killed anyone yet? does he have the itch to do it? do cops get more respect from their peers when they murder an unharmed person of color? Do you have all these thought cross your mind when you get pulled over? well many thought racing through may head, yet this is just a traffic stop. So I am looking around at my surroundings and they are letting some people just pass through while others are being pulled to the side. It’s a no brainer I am gonna get pulled to the side. Luckily my lady is with me so I have a witness. I am driving her car thank god, I ask her to get the papers ready, insurance, registration. I decide since I have nothing to hide so I am going to try the semi compliant route. There is a line of officers to my left about 12 of them. The first one signals me to pull over. I look over to my lady and she still hasn't found all the paper work. In my car that shit is right on top all in one place. Anyhow I get signaled to keep driving so I pass officer 1-10 and there are two left. The very last one is getting information from the car in front of me. It's about 11pm so part of me expects the flash lights and extra officers all simultaneously invading my privacy without probable cause. Probable cause, I tried to make sure just in case they wanted to try and take advantage of me that I didn't have any probable cause in eyesight, but then I remember it's my lady's car so I am good. For disclosure purposes I do smoke and drink often. I had just spent a wonderful evening with my lady at the beach so I may or may not have partaken in some extra-curricular enhancements. For legal purposes I admit nothing. The moment of truth arrives. Dude bends over sticks his nose in my window and super close to my face. I can smell his breathe so I am sure he can smell mine. He is looking directly into my eyes from about six inches away.  "have you had anything to SMOKE today." I am thinking to myself in micro-nano seconds does he mean all day? I immediately calmly slightly irritated respond no. "have you had anything to drink today" and I immediately thought about the d.u.i. lawyer radio commercials out here. I listen to sports radio for some reason. Never say you drank anything no matter how long ago in the day it was, so I immediately replied no. We sat there for an awkward moment close enough to kiss. I know my breathe wasn't right. It was ripe with white mouth and all other calamities one might get from partaking in mood enhancers. Although I had mad thoughts racing through my mind. I was actually not scared and not worried. He looked deep into my eyes and saw no fear whatsoever. He saw a black man that has been pulled over countless times and survived. A black man that is highly experienced in pull over tactics. He saw a black man that is truly disappointed in the system that attacks men that look like him instead of protecting them. He saw we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way.  he choose the easy way. He told me to have a good night, and let me pass through without incident. To me it is unfortunately something like a d.u.i. checkpoint, which is there to help make sure people don't party too hard and drive becomes something so much larger to part of our population. My first reaction to seeing them was concern for my life and not about getting a ticket for driving under the influence. That is really sucky.

    Independent Artist Support System

    Independent Artist Support System


    Family. when i say family i mean all of you that actually care for a brother. i have lived in many cities and made some good connections in all of them. Those of you that go far back enough to know me as the creative force behind mass confusion, know how long this company has been a dream of mine. to grow it into something that actually makes a difference.  

    i can say i have given away least half as many of shirts then i have sold. price points capitalism business i really suck at. i mean i could get a dollar, but how do you make an honest dollar. I can buy shit for as cheap as possible and sell for as much as possible but I always feel guilty.  don't get me wrong I don't hate money, I hate the concept of it. It breeds separation.  it breeds elitism. Unfortunately we are all trapped and have to get it to survive. get it to build. Trapped by a system where are the rules are different for every shade. Where you are rewarded for how you get over on your fellow man, woman. A system where poison is profit. Where medicine is profit. Where we record fights instead of making the peace. Where we are losing sight of touch and connections. Where we spend hours in fantasy while pieces of reality of being taken away pixel by pixel. Who wants to save the world? We will sit in front of a movie screen and watch stories about heroes but who really wants to be a hero? Nobody. 


    It is almost criminal all the talent I have been bless to meet on my journeys that are still struggling to make it. I wish we would invest in each other more.  I am guilty of it myself at times but the older I get the more conscious I am to where my money is spent. I will support an independent over corporation all day. We say we wanna fight the system but then we still flock the the malls and by they shit. We should boycott all brands that have never supported us as people. Brands that poison us. We had a good period in the 90's when there were many brands by us to choose from. What happened?  

    Nobody forces us to fuck with them. They don't like us. So why do we still spend money with them?  I really don't get it. Shit like timberlands, still. Really? Brands like Polo that said they would rather we did not wear their brand.  I get the do it in spite but that is still money in his pockets. Dude ain't had to work for a long time and still we give him more money. Meanwhile I feel I gotta write an essay on why it would be good to support this brand of mine. 

    We need to better take care of us. what i mean by us is human beings that love and respect themselves each other and of course the planet. Build each other up. Create with each other. Stop killing each other. Wtf. starting treating each other like the kings and queens we are. We are our own worst enemy. You got a thousand dollars' worth of bills a month for survival purposes only. A little to play with when your done. You ain't building shit. You and helping anyone. You treading water. One pay check from drastic changes. More you make more you spend so everybody in the same boat, with a hole in it. You're a number. An account number. Sounds like prison to me. 

    How do we get to a point where we are all doing better, not just some of us. Where quality of life is important for all. Where we are not the slaves of corporations. Many of us not coming close to doing something we love. Doing what pays the bills.  what are your dreams? That is important to me. We could all me our own mini corporations.  we would come up real quick and there aint shit the man could do about it. But you rather hate.  

    What is my art worth to me? What is my art worth to you? How do you price pieces of your soul? This is my struggle. I would love to just give it all away. I just love to see people connect and be on the same vibe. Nothing doper than see someone you respect connecting with some of your ideals and breaking bread with you.  I wanna spend my days creating art to help us all connect, laugh, and grow but I need your help. Once I am set free, I can help set someone else free and so on and so on. 


    So if you are someone that has seen this brand and wanted to support but I didn't have the color you wanted or the size or particular design in stock. Or if I went out of business before you got a chance. Or if you never seen this shit in your life and have no idea what the absolute fuck I am talking about but where lead here Visit the rest of the site and lets start building. 


    all photos by sagaille.