Imperial Dreams

Posted by yvel sagaille on

This movie here was on par with moonlight to me.  I can't tell you how much i appreciate movies now being created from an african american perspective.  Its stars John Boyega from Star Wars and has classic hood film legends De' Aundre Bond and Glenn Plummer.  It is directed by Malik Booth and composed by Flying Lotus need i say more.  The film is about a young man fresh home from prison and his struggle with his environment trying to pull him back in.  It shows a whole different side of the struggle and is pretty well written.  The soundtrack gives the film a fresh feel.  the subject matter of this film is one of which all races could learn from, but it felt like it was made for me.  For young black fathers in particular.  we are so often labeled dead beats by society without anyone ever taking the time to really address the many challenges young black men with deal with on a daily basis.  i would not necessarily label this a feel good film, but i would say i really enjoyed it and appreciated the twist on the gangster narrative our society idolizes so much.

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