everyday life

everyday life

mass confusion

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this is my first book. it is self published. it is filled with pictures that speak, so you will not find any words in this book.  it has the title and the name of the author and that is it.  no shout outs. no intros. no explanations. no locations.  i would have loved to share some of my thoughts behind these shots but i decided i will do that  when i can afford to make a book as thick as i want.  everybody has to start somewhere.  i have laid out so many books that have never seen the print of day that at this rate i could go another decade trying to layout the perfect book. (that i can't afford to print).  to address this issue i have finally decided to make some 30 to 40 page books, get the ball rolling and build this company up one frame at a time. 

i will be taking pre-orders from March 20- March 31 and will be  giving those customers 25% off in appreciation of the support.  

i will not require an exchange of funds until March 30 but would like to gauge how many people are interested, so if you are interested shoot me a email at mr.yvel@gmail.com  allow 3-5 days for shipping.

this book be signed and limited. 1/500