guitar & hardrive

guitar & hardrive

mass confusion

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 san francisco is so small that nobody else should ever move there. there is no room. everything is super expensive for no damn reason, besides rent. you can't find a parking to save your life. you have to leave early to wherever you are going so you have ample time to look for parking. it sucks. meter maids give you a ticket the nano second the meter expires. to combat this everybody rides bikes. never seen so many bikes in the downtown of a city. everybody else walks or catches the bus. now everyone ubers. not everybody has the means to uber though.  just because you don't have the means doesn't mean you don't have to get to where you are going.  this man was traveling down 6th street with his guitar on his back and his heavy ass hardrive in the basket.


c-print on fuji film paper

signed and limited

comes with signed certificate of authenticity 

8x10 1/500, 16x20 1/250