housewife (w)

mass confusion

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we have all known one or two. first we must define what a ho is. sometimes spelled hoe is short for whore. i find everyones definition varies. for some people its someone that sleeps around alot. for some people its people who cheat. for some people its people who sleep around with multiple people, like a different person every time you seem them. for some people its people who sleep with multiple people at the same time, two somes threesomes. for some people its the person that took your partner from you.

i respect everyones right to be a ho. there is nothing wrong with someone enjoying sex to the fullest. monogamy is not for everyone. some people choose to to feed their sexual appetites rather than conform to society's idea of morality. that being said trying to wife a ho, although possible might not be the best choice if your intention is to change her/him. thinking you can take the qualities of the bedroom and manifest a monogamous homemaker, chances are you will fail miserably. i am not saying a ho can't change their ways. i am saying you cannot change their ways. 

this was actually not my idea so don't get mad at me. i once managed an hip hop clothing store that had its own women's store.  my staff was all women because i thought it would be too hot in there for a young man to work.  i actually tried one and he proved me right. he hollered at every fine lady that stepped foot in there, immediately. could i blame him? no. did i have to let him go?, yes. anyways one of our employees one day said this phrase you have heard before.

"can't turn a ho into a housewife". referring to a current situation we had at the store. yes we were being judgmental. after we all had a good laugh she was like you should put that on a shirt, so i did. however what i thought would be funny did not work out exactly how i planned. i printed it on men and women's shirts. while some of the women got it, most thought i was talking about them in particular (which was interesting) and could not understand why they would wear this. they thought it referred to them as a ho.  it was a lot easier for the guys to get it. that makes sense in hindsight. this phrase translates to make a wise choice about your woman/man spoken in street dialect. for the extremely challenged people tinker bell is not a ho. she symbolizes she can't do magic and transform a ho into a housewife.  to make sure we are clear, this is dark humor.  ho'ism is not gender specific men are ho's too, we just tend to call them dogs.