if you look hard enough...

if you look hard enough...

mass confusion

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on the way home from a long day of work. riding my bike, depending on which way i went,  this would be the first thing i would see.  on this day in particular i was really tired and dreading my ride home.  i looked up and this tree just looked different to me. i had rode by it almost everyday, from all different sides of it but i think this was the first time i saw how beautiful it was.  the first time i actually stood there and got the full perspective and scope. a beautiful tree stuck in a neighborhood that didn't appreciate it. reflecting the emotions of the people that also felt stuck in that neighborhood in a world where people didn't appreciate them.  if you look hard enough beauty is everywhere, especially in places you would never expect to find it.



c-print on fuji film paper

signed and limited

comes with signed certificate of authenticity 

8x10 1/500, 16x20 1/250